Next Macbeth Symposium: 

Sunday, December 17th, 7pm, at SCLA


Maya Gingery will be showing an excerpt from:

The Adventures of Lady M

A Dance/Theater Work-In-Progress Inspired By Lady Macbeth

Maya Gingery is a performing artist, dancer, choreographer and musician. Her work is informed by the art form known as Ankoku Butoh and Japanese Noh theatre.


Dawn Alden will be moderating:

All the Scottish Ladies

A conversation with actresses Who have played Lady Macbeth

Dawn Alden is the owner and president of Vicarious Films, and the founder of Babes With Blades. She recently played Lady Macbeth at Studio Stage in Hollywood. Maya Gingery is currently developing a dance/theater piece based on Lady Macbeth. Melissa Booey played her for Shakespeare By The Sea, Michelle N. Grey interpreted the role for the Unlikely Shakespeare Company, and Liza Seneca portrayed the Scottish Lady at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.


“Incredible ideas are emerging.”  L.A. Downtown News

2017 - Year of Macbeth

Monthly Symposium

Open Meeting:

The Second Sunday of Each Month at 7pm


The Shakespeare Center/Downtown L.A.

    The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles cordially invites artists, arts organizations, educational institutions, and public benefit organizations in Los Angeles County to join us in a year-long exploration of Macbeth.

We are dedicating 2017 to an exploration of different ways to interpret and express perspectives on one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and enigmatic works.  

We are reaching out to artists, innovators, educators, community organizers, and catalysts for social change of all kinds, both individuals and companies; including film makers, art producers, visual artists, poets, performance artists, spoken word artists, graphic designers, choreographers, dancers, dance companies, composers, bands, singers, songwriters, to ask:

What is your take on this great play? Its themes? Characters? And plot? How does it resonate for twenty-first century Los Angelinos? Is it primarily about destiny and fate? an observation on the nature of “vaulting ambition”? Is Macbeth a vicious killer unleashed? A good man turned bad by evil forces? Is Lady Macbeth a dark heroine? Evil? A zombie? And what the heck are those witches doing?

We are interested in convening and facilitating a conversation that challenges presumptions of, and illuminates fresh insights on this timeless masterpiece and its nexus with our community.

Come to the Symposium to discuss potential collaborative projects!! 

You are invited to take a look at the text of Macbeth and stop by and share your ideas. Please RSVP to if you can make it.  (Also, please contact us if you are interested in collaborating but can’t make this meeting.)

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The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles is a 32 year-old, non-profit theater company based in Downtown Los Angeles that presents the works of William Shakespeare as reflections of the people, history and landscape of Los Angeles.
                                     "....I am in blood                                Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,                                Returning were as tedious as go o'er."  Act 3, Sc. 4
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