Look on Beauty: Professional Development Workshops
for English and Drama Educators for 2019

“Look on beauty, And you shall see ‘tis purchased by weight...”
The Merchant of Venice(Act III, scene 2)

This day-long workshop uses Shakespeare’s plays to focus on concepts of beauty and aesthetics in social-political discourse, and how to present issues such as aesthetics, value judgements, and complexity in the classroom. How does one teach a concept of “beauty” without instilling a certain value system? What are the ways we learn to evaluate, discriminate and incorporate the “beautiful” in our lives today?

The workshops are led by Louis Fantasia, Artistic Associate of the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles and Director of the SCLA/UCLA Summer Shakespeare Institute at the Clark Memorial Library. Louis was the Director of the Shakespeare Globe’s London Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance Institute from 1997-2002; and Shakespeare at the Huntington, the teacher training institute of the Huntington Library from 2005-2017.

Workshops cost $25 and include lunch and a certificate for salary credits.

twelfth night.jpg

Twelfth Night

Set in what critic Jan Kott called "Shakespeare's bitter Arcadia," Twelfth Night explores the assumptions of beauty in gender role and status. Can a character (often a woman in Shakespeare) be "cruel" and "beautiful"? Does "Nature" have a "divine order" that values certain types of beauty or conduct over others? Who creates this order, and who benefits from it?

SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM