2014 Program: Veterans in Art & Will Power is a community of teenagers, military veterans, and professional artist who have come together to create and perform an adaptation of a Shakespeare Play. This summer we told the story of Prince Hal and his process of growing up in the play Henry IV, Part One.

Veterans In Art:” Chronically unemployed” and “unemployable” veterans living outside the mainstream civilian life and absent from the workforce on average four years, are hired as part of a paid on-the-job training and transitional employment initiative.  

In 2016, the partnership with SMC has enabled us to expand our program initially run with the VA. Santa Monica College currently offers a veterans educational outreach program which goes hand-in-hand with our own Veterans in Art Employment program, enabling these students to work on the student and professional productions, gaining new skills and contributing to the economy. Specifically they will work with us during the summer festival will receive career-developing professional experience in addition to academic credit for their work.  

Veterans work in all aspects of live performing arts production, including: venue and scenic crews, audio engineers, wardrobe assistants, ushers, parking attendants, site specific marketers,  technical director, and actors.  Additionally, SCLA offers veterans, active military members, their family members, and caregivers free admission to professional theatrical productions and programs.

Over the first three pilot years, SCLA has created transitional employment for 76 chronically unemployed veterans, 24 of whom report securing ongoing employment for the first time in more than four years.  The existing SMC Veteran program will go hand in hand with our program and help us expand the opportunities and positive life-changing experiences for those who have risked their lives for our freedom. 

35% of chronically unemployed veterans find on going employment after the immersive on the job arts-based training initiative.

Click here for Veterans in Art Impact Report