Site Manager/ Technical Director

The Shakespeare Center seeks a Venue Site Manager/Technical Director who will provide the necessary leadership to transform a garden site on Federally owned land into a 500 – 600 seat outdoor amphitheater, as well as schedule and manage the load in, running, and load out of a fully-staged union contracted Shakespeare production of Henry IV, directed by Dan Sullivan, starring Tom Hanks as Falstaff. The site for the transformation and production is the Japanese Gardens on the grounds of the West Los Angeles Veterans Healthcare Campus.


Site Manger/Technical Director will schedule vendors and equipment deliveries with Producer and will be expected to be on site at the West LA VA’s Japanese Garden to manage the trained professional stage crews working in tandem with veteran apprentices.


  •  Works with the Producer in developing effective deadlines and schedules for each technical aspect of the production
  • Develops and implements reporting techniques to ensure that goals, schedules and quality standards are being met and report to the Producer the status of the production
  • Monitors the scenic design to identify potential problem areas and assist the production team in finding solutions as needed
  • Works with the production team to understand the artistic vision for the production under the leadership of the Director
  • Monitors expenses to ensure that each production stays within budget


Preparation of site on the West LA VA’s campus, including landscaping, load in of audience seating system and staging system with support from professional vendors acquainted with the venue


  •  Estimates set materials and labor timeline for the production in order to maximize available resources
  • Works with Producer to develop and monitor effective deadlines and schedules for set construction, load in and load out
  • Supervises all production personnel and conveys deadlines and priorities to them as well as insure safe usage of shop tools during load in of staging an seating, lighting trusses, sound equipment, backstage (dressing rooms and green room), and props storage
  • Attends production meetings


  • Designs and supervises on stage rigging so that it is safe and fits the design concept
  • Trains Assistant Stage Manager and stage crew in manipulation/use of scenery, if necessary
  • Periodically check and maintain rigging and set pieces so that all personnel can work in a safe environment
  • Meets with SM and ASM in a mutually scheduled meeting prior to show moving onstage
  • Attends first onstage rehearsal to orient cast and crew
  • Attends all technical rehearsals as needed
  • If not attending a particular evening or weekend tech rehearsal, communicates with Producer concerning further work notes to be completed and the anticipated schedule for completing the set


The candidate will be required to supervise a cohesive team of six (6) well-intentioned and semi- experienced United States military veteran crew managers, who in turn will be working with an additional 35 veterans on all production crews as part of Shakespeare Center’s Veterans In Art initiative. 

Qualified veterans may be hired and trained to work in tandem with professionals in the following positions:

Veterans Job Descriptions

Production Assistant – Eight weeks, full time, seasonal.  Production Assistant will be expected to be present at all rehearsals assisting the producer, director and stage manager as needed. Once the rehearsal period concludes and the production moves into nightly performances, Production Assistant will manage stage prop inventory, nightly set up and storage, serving as a Props Manager and reporting to Site Manger/Technical Director, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Box Office Interns – Seasonal, part time, as scheduled.  Box Office Interns will work in Downtown Los Angeles as well as West Los Angeles. During day time hours, Box Office Interns will be responsible for reaching out to and arranging group and individual ticket orders from all local veterans service organizations and veterans service providers. They will take boxed picnic dinner orders, enter data into computers, print tickets, place tickets in envelopes, alphabetize envelopes and issue tickets and dinners performances. They will focus on providing customer service to veterans particularly, but not exclusively. Reports to Site Manger/Technical Director, Box Office Manager, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Ushers – Seasonal, part time as scheduled.  During pre-performance and venue preparation, ushers will support the set up and maintenance of all audience related amenities. They will prepare seating, arrange cushion and blanket distribution centers, prepare and maintain picnic areas, trash collection receptacles and liners. They will prepare playbills nightly for distribution and manage seating audience members according to the various seating sections. They will also restore the audience areas after each performance. Reports to House Manager, Site Manger/Technical Director, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Concessionaires – Seasonal, part time.  Set up and take down box office station and all souvenir and food concession stations nightly. Help manage inventory, prepare and organize boxed picnic dinners, serve coffee and soft drinks, provide patrons sales support as they select souvenirs. Reports to House Manager, Site Manger/Technical Director, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Parking Attendants – Seasonal, part time.  Nightly traffic management of cars and management of patron foot traffic to and from parking lots. Also provide shuttle service for seniors from parking lot to entrance via golf cart. Reports to Site Manager/Technical Director, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Good “Will” Guides and Ambassadors – Seasonal, part time.  Stationed along the routes to the Japanese Garden VIP and General parking lots and along walkway to and from the Japanese Garden from the parking lots, the Guides and Ambassadors provide one page map and directions to patrons driving on the campus. When necessary Good Will Guides and Ambassadors will escort disable vets and other patrons to the Japanese Garden entrance and to the parking lot. In the event of medical emergency, Guides and Ambassadors will serve as special assistants to emergency vehicles. Responsible for nightly set up of directional arrow sandwich boards, their reversal once shows begin and take down of directional signs after show is completed and patrons have exited the campus. They are quasi-security, with walkie talkies they coordinate with Site Manager/Technical Director, House Manger, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Venue Maintenance – Seasonal, part time.  Work with landscape team to design and maintenance program, participate in the initial conceptual conversations to understand vision for the garden; participate in the landscape transformation, and maintain all areas of Japanese Garden for picnicking, porta-potties, planting, concessions, restroom areas, and performance meadow, according to specifics outlined in the plan. Reports to Site Manager/Technical Director, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Set Crew Person– Seasonal, part time, (veteran and/or trained professional).  Works with Production Manager, Technical Director and Master Carpenter, to construct stage platforming, install lighting truss, install scenic elements in pre-performance phase. Move scenery and scenic elements such as furniture as choreographed to support performances, strike and store scenery to storage nightly, mop stage, operate hand tools.  Reports to Site Manager/Technical Director, and Veteran Crew Leader.

Lighting Crew Person– Seasonal, part time, (veteran and/or trained professional).  Set up lighting truss system. Hang lighting equipment, run cable to and from lights and attach cable to lowered truss structures, patch electrical cable in dimming systems, cut and place color gels into frames and onto lighting instruments, and connect communication of lighting equipment to computer control board. Conduct routine lighting instrument checks, maintain and replace lamps as necessary, nightly setup and maintenance of internal headset communications system, operate hand tools. Reports to Site Manager/Technical Director.

Sound Crew Person – Playback Operator, (veteran and/or trained professional).  Seasonal, part time. Works with Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Radio Frequency Technician to ensure sound system integrity and functionality. Replace batteries in wireless microphone systems. Nightly pre-show set up of sound board and playback equipment. Nightly equalizing and sound checking of all equipment. Nightly storage of equipment after each show. Operates playback device, initiating recorded sounded cues as directed over headset, by Stage Manager. Reports to Technical Director, Stage Manager, and Associate Director of Veterans Affairs.

Wardrobe Crew Person – Seasonal, part time, (veteran and/or trained professional). Works with Wardrobe Supervisor to prepare and maintain costumes and wash acting company under garments according to union regulations. Also is responsible for nightly set up and maintenance of dressing tents, daily load in and storage of costumes, supporting costume fittings, does alterations if skills permit. Reports to Wardrobe Supervisor, Technical Director and Associate Director of Veterans Affairs.

Site-Specific Marketing Person – Seasonal, part time. Distributing promotional materials at high foot traffic areas around West Los Angeles. Represents the Shakespeare Center as they hand out flyers to the public and raise awareness of the summer show at the Japanese Garden. Reports to the Associate Director of Veterans Affairs.



  • Working knowledge of all aspects of the theatre—production and technical as well as performance.
  • Excellent communication skills—written, oral and visual.
  • Strong organizational, budgeting, leadership and staffing skills.
  • Working and active knowledge of Computer Aided Drafting.
  • Ability to work productively under time pressures and meet deadlines.
  • Working knowledge of scenery; structural design and engineering; construction process; and styles, elements and practices - ie. Proscenium, thrust, arena, black box; wood, metal, plastic; construction, painting, purchasing and scheduling.
  • Knowledge of mechanical physics, fundamental electricity, modern construction practices and materials, model building, and stage crafts including rigging, lighting, and stage carpentry.
  • Master’s degree preferred, or; Bachelor’s degree required, with 4-5 years professional experience in increasingly responsible positions in technical theatre.


Shakespeare Center requires a Site Manager/Technical Director with special awareness and appreciation of the challenges that veterans address as they transition back to mainstream civilian life and become work ready individuals for competitive employment. The Candidate must demonstrate patience and willing to guide and teach our vets technical theater culture, with support in a broad sense from VA vocational education coaches.

While technical theater may not be a career choice for some or many of our veterans, immersion and participation in the production of theater enterprise is a transformational experience that bolsters self-esteem and contributes significantly to work-readiness.  

Shakespeare Center’s Veterans In Art transitional work experience is designed for a Venue Site Manager and Technical Director capable of working with vets who need a special type of leader with and understanding of technical theater, logistics, and superior people management skills and emotional intelligence.

Obviously, this is not merely a desk job. The veteran dimension adds a twist. We need a strong, kind and compassionate, energetic theater leader.


Application Information

  • Please submit resume and cover letter to Ben Donenberg at